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We have a range of properties in the Northern zone of Alcobendas, including the town of La Moraleja. Madrid Airport is located east of this, as well as the world-famous Estadio Metropolitano further south. This football stadium has aired many important matches and was the host of the UEFA Champions League Final in 2019. Here, fans can take a tour of the pitch. Flights to Madrid run from most airports in the UK. There is a shuttle bus and train from Madrid Airport to the city centre, which are cheap and easy to find. Hotel Amura Alcobendas is a modern hotel with a rooftop pool in the town of La Moraleja. This is close to the airport and not too expensive out of season. Sotheby's also offers tranquil chalets and houses for rent or sale, so that visitors can enjoy the countryside outside the busy city. Golf in La Moraleja is very popular and attracts a large number of tourists each year.
La Moraleja
La Moraleja is a well-known and established residential community north of Madrid City. It is home to a great selection of upmarket properties and international schools. The wealth of amenities make it the perfect place for family holidays to Madrid. La Moraleja has great services and transport links, with frequent buses and trains from the city centre. Padel, a similar sport to tennis, is very popular in La Moraleja, with many clubs around the area. This is also reflected in their golf tourism. A busy golf resort is Real Golf La Moraleja, set on the hillside with views to the city of Madrid. Here, there are a number of boutique hotels and apartments for visitors to relax inland.
Residential communities
There are other residential areas near within Alcobendas that are a great choice for families. These include El Soto de la Moraleja and El Encinar de los Reyes. In El Encinar, there are parks and funfairs for children, as well as a choice of restaurants. The sports centre contains a swimming pool that is perfect for hot days. El Soto is home to the International College of Spain. If you are considering moving permanently to Madrid, this is a great school option. There is also an amusement centre and more restaurants.